How to create a magical cat-safe garden oasis

Think secret garden vibes.

Create an entryway that looks and feels special. Have a gate to make access simple and signify that you are stepping into a special place.

Add plants of differing heights around the entrance to create a lushness that hints at a path through a rain forest…and to give a sense of privacy.

Low visibility cat netting does an amazing job of securing the area for your cat’s safety without affecting the view. Looking through it allows you to really enjoy that outdoor feeling. 

Add more plants. Cats absolutely love being amongst greenery.  Why not enjoy a fun trip to your local nursery to stock up on cat friendly plants? Perhaps a jungle vibe!

Combine different heights, colours and textures to provide shade to laze under and create hidden observation spots.
Try adding a patch of shade cloth to create a lovely cool haven for hot days.

Dare we say it again…add even more plants.
To curl up in for a sleep, roll in…or perhaps have a little nibble at.

Let them delight in the array of smells and textures on offer.

It could also be the perfect place for that special plant you need to protect from kids, creepy crawlies or cockatoos!


Make your magical garden oasis a “destination” that brings you joy.

Add outdoor furniture to relax and comfortably soak it all in…A cute vintage table setting or a pretty bench strewn with coloured cushions.

Introduce your choice of natural materials. Fallen tree branches, cat trees, old rope, or perhaps other interesting treasures.

A rustic old step ladder can create a climbing frame and elevated vantage point, add another to make a walkway and shelf.

Bring your indoor style outdoors! Fill the space with all those things you and your cat will love.

Light it up

Create a lovely ambience with warm white twinkly lights. Something about them just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside (just as long as you get them on the right setting!)  Sit and enjoy zen moments with your cat as evening rolls into night.

You can unwind and they can do what comes naturally to them… some evening bug entertainment!

Enjoy the magic of your own cat-safe garden oasis.

We would love to hear from you if you have any of your own great ideas or good advice.

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