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Cats naturally want to explore their territory and are healthier and happier if they can safely enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and stimulation of their very own patch of the outside world.

No matter how much space you have, we can create a safe outdoor habitat.

Our enclosures protect native wildlife but give your cat the freedom to exhibit their instinctive, wild behaviours and live their best life.

What often starts out as a solution to keep your cat safe becomes much more than that, a destination of choice for you too.  We can transform that unloved and under-utilised part of your yard into a happy place to enjoy together.  It can be an outdoor garden room, a sanctuary, a place to unwind after work.

Imagine sitting in the morning or afternoon sunshine, cat watching at a little table setting with a refreshing drink.  Or maybe a bench, with cushions and greenery and a shelf with a favourite plant at just the right height.  Add fairy lights for ambience and your cat will love hanging out with you and… evening patrols and bug hunting.

If you have an idea, get in touch and we can help you make it happen.




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Customer stories

This is one of our more amusing before and after stories

G’day Colin and Dee,

“The cat is giving me strong indications of mania and suffering repeated spack attacks. He is frequently grumpy, stuck-up and abusing the furniture in order to highlight the poor conditions. His fat cat lawyer has sent me a writ today claiming unconscionable deprivation of liberty on account of him being the only inmate of this luny bin not allowed out for exercise. Please provide the proposed dates you are able to install the security upgrade to said exercise yard”.

Doug in North East Victoria.

Hi Colin and Dee,

“Fantanstic job result.  Great work ethic and professionalism. Hamish loves his new sense of freedom, the fresh air and huge improvements to the conditions of his incarceration. Hamish is in ecstacy, jumping out of his skin with excitement and new vigour. The small porch was under utilised. Now there is a stool out there and I am regularly sitting on it having my morning coffee, reading the news and Hamish watching. I have a new and heart warming space! It has truly transformed his quality of life from inmate to happy contented cat. As a result it has given me great pleasure to give him a better life.

Again thank you both for the work you invested into the security and feline functionality of Hamish’s enclosure. He has thrived mentally and physically because of it.”

Doug in North East Victoria.

Nuts and Bolts


Get a free quote

Consider your ideal location and what your cat access options are.

Send us some recent photos of the proposed area, rough measurements and a brief description of your vision.

This may be enough information to give you a price estimate, however we can arrange to pop in and have a look if it’s a little trickier.

We will work with you throughout the process.



By using high quality, long-lasting and hardwearing materials we make sure our cat enclosures are attractive and secure.

We use Australian made galvanised steel tubing for framework, strong and durable galvanised weldmesh for our gates and the finest quality hinges and latches.
Our 19mm cat netting is supplied exclusively by catnets.com.au to ensure the highest quality and long life.
We use marine grade stainless steel wire and fittings to secure our netting.

Our enclosures are thoughtfully constructed to ensure structural integrity, functionality and to fit unobtrusively into their surroundings.



Book an installation date.

Start to prepare the area in advance.

Take the opportunity to have a clear out and grab your secateurs for a little pruning

On installation day, we will turn up on time, work professionally and time effectively and will consult with you throughout the process.

0435 863 068

Helpful information

Settling your cat into their new enclosure

Our pets have unique characters and personalities. Some cats are just a little more cautious about enjoying their new enclosure.
Be patient, as some cats need a little extra time to adjust to new surroundings. Our feedback assures us that they will settle in. It might take a few weeks but don’t worry, it will be worth it.
How appealing is the space?  Have you added the finishing touches to your enclosure?
Fill it with lots of hiding places, use cat safe plants and comfy furniture.  Is it exciting? Cats love to  explore different levels and vantage points and have things to climb.
Try luring them in with treats and spend time in the enclosure yourself so they know it’s safe.  Add something with a familiar scent, a worn shirt, a scratching board or perhaps a blanket.
They will love you for it in the end.
  • Every cat is unique
  • Be patient
  • Make it appealing
  • Let them climb
  • Share the space with them
  • Make it a happy place

Choose the best location

There are a few things to consider before deciding on the best location and style of enclosure.
If there are a number of possible locations, try to work methodically to narrow down the options.
How will your cat access the enclosure? Is there an existing window or door they could use or do you need to consider fitting a cat flap? Do you need a tunnel to connect it?

Your cat will love to have a sunny spot to bask in but also areas of shade to escape the heat on hot days. It is worth checking potential locations at various times of day to get an idea of how sunlight will fall on the area. 

  • Take time to decide on location
  • Consider access to the enclosure
  • Be methodical in your planning
  • Think about sunlight and shade

Types of Cat Enclosure


Take the layout of your yard into account. The terrain and existing garden should guide you on the style and location. Some yards lend themselves to fence extensions to prevent cats climbing over. However, if you have established trees and shrubbery they may not be suitable.
Netting between your house and a side fence is often the most practical option, particularly if you include a gate or two.
In some cases the whole yard area can be enclosed for real peace of mind.

If you are renting or it is not practical to attach to your house, a free standing enclosure might be the best option. A cat tunnel can be a good way to connect it to your home.

  • Think about the layout of your yard
  • Consider existing trees and plants
  • Make the most of available spaces
  • Connect to a free standing enclosure

Happy healthy pets and people

What our customers are saying

“To say I’m happy is an understatement! Colin and Dee you are amazing! My enclosure looks absolutely beautiful and the cats love it. I cannot thank you enough. P.S. Manny said thanks for the company”

Kellie, Wodonga

“Dee and her husband were fantastic to deal with. Gave us a quote on the same day then within a week we had an awesome cat enclosure to keep our beloved cat safe. It only took a day to build and it was well worth the money. Thanks so much Dee”

Kathryn, Bendigo

“After almost giving up on my search for a cat enclosure builder in the border region, I’m so glad I was recommended Colin and Dee! Super friendly and accomodating throughout the process and they created the most sleek and beautiful cat enclosure anyone could hope for (and all in one day)! Worth every cent, I can’t recommend Safe and Sound enough!”

Rachael, North East Victoria

“Colin and Dee did an amazing job with an enclosure for my two cats. They were extremely efficient and professional and fulfilled their brief completely”

Alex, Central Victoria

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